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Hi, I'm Karen Ruffle.

The first thing you should know about me is… I’m NOT the world’s leading authority on Nutrition. In fact, the only thing I consider myself an expert in is creating nutritionally perfect recipes (whether they be to ‘Fit Your Macros’, Paleo/Primal, Low Carb, Vegan…you name it) that REAL people (AKA your clients ) not only love – but achieve AMAZING results with.

And if there is ONE thing I’ve learned in my Fitness & Nutrition career…it’s that providing personalised meal plans and diets means the difference between not being able to pay the bills – and a fully booked business.

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Attention FitPros:

We all know that nutrition is 80% of a successful client programme. But, when you have ten… twenty… thirty plus people to look after; how are you supposed to work what is, in reality, two jobs?

Going through my own fitness journey, I have been lucky enough to meet some AMAZING personal trainers, studio instructors, bootcamp owners just like you; who invested HOURS of time into not only my training, but my diet and nutrition.

They wanted to provide the best possible result for me: after all, I was paying for their premium service. But as I soon became aware, these highly skilled Fit Pros were spending HOURS working on mine (and everyone else’s) nutrition plan….

…. This often meant the trainers themselves were burnt out, tired, and as a result… their businesses suffered.

After interviewing the UK’s top trainers like Ben Coomber and Ru Anderson, I realised if I could streamline the process for them; giving them access to a professional online resource that would allow them to do everything their client wanted in mere minutes…

… it would free them up to do what they love best:

Training People and Getting Results!

The ‘secret’ of high earning Personal Trainers is a system I developed in conjunction with FitPros called FitProClientRecipes. With it, you can create recipes online to provide HUNDREDS of bespoke nutrition packs for EVERY goal… all in less than 20 minutes.

Some Of Our Recipes!

I needed recipes and I needed a lot of them FAST. Nothing out there matched what I needed until I found FPCR, I approached Karen and asked her if the system would deliver what I needed. She said no, but then proceeded to build what I had wanted into the system simply because I had asked for it, I needed it and she saw the long term benefit for the rest of her clients. I say clients because I have never felt like a “customer” I have always been treated like the most valuable asset to the business even though I am one of many clients the level of service I have received is unmatched. Anyone who needs to add the best recipes for their clients into their sales and value package should be using the system. I love it, my clients love it and they form an important part of my retention strategy.

Luke Judge - Diet Coaching Academy
Diet Coaching Academy
How you can GUARANTEE your clients success, AND make more money - in less time
How to put together professional top quality nutrition plans & diet books - in just 20 minutes
Calculate (to the exact calorie) what your clients need to do to ensure they reach their goals - with the latest formulas
Become THE expert in your clients eyes by offering not only amazing recipes - but detailed macronutrient profiles throughout
Instant access to over 600 ‘done for you’ detailed recipes: including breakfasts, smoothies, snacks and dinners - all with just a few clicks of a mouse
Vegan? IIFYM? Paleo? Weight loss? Muscle gain? Take your clients needs and your passion - and create bespoke plans to fit
Increase client lifetime value by continually updating and refreshing their plans with tasty, nutritious recipes
Need a boost in business or stuck for marketing ideas? Create cook books as an up-sell, OR as an additional service altogether
Create professional looking food diaries, lifestyle questionnaires and goal sheets - that are fully branded with YOUR logo
Slash client turnover and boost retention rates by offering bespoke solutions; all WITHOUT breaking the bank


On average, trainers find their clients stay with them 4 weeks longer when offering a bespoke recipe & nutrition pack.If you factor in the time you need to invest in creating such a plan; you are looking at LEAST an hour per recipe pack.

Then when you then delve into macro nutrient breakdown, different clients specific dietary needs and goals…

let alone a shopping list of ingredients, cooking instructions, AND making it tasty and simple enough that a client ACTUALLY wants to stick to it…

…You are looking at at hours and hours of lost time every week! Multiply that out over the year, and you can say ‘goodbye; to at least £3,000-£4000 in potential revenue.

Now, its safe to say that this system is not everyone’s cup of tea or protein shake for that matter:

And, If you are happy delivering great exercise and training ONLY, then FitProClientRecipes is not for you.


If you want to join the elite FitPros in the UK, who provide not only excellent results through their training – but go the ‘extra mile’ for their clients…

…Then FitProClientRecipes is for you.

If you want to be seen as THE fitness expert in your town, or dominate the online world, you need to make a smart investment in both your business and your clients results’.
To be this person all you need to do is click on the button below, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Within just a few minutes, you will be joining the premier ranks of fitness experts who are using FitProClientRecipes with their clients right now – getting great results and growing their business every day.

So go ahead and click here to create your very first recipe pack!

The System

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LunchesOver 475 in the system to choose from
MainsOver 555 in the system to choose from
DessertsOver 170 in the system to choose from

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